Culiat High School Batch 86 Alumni Homecoming

Gearing up for the much awaited Homecoming! 

Dear old friends, classmates and batchmates,

This site is dedicated to all students of Culiat High School Batch '86. 

We also include everyone who started with us in 1982 but along the way found themselves being transferred to another school. The same goes to those who just joined us in between '83 and '86.

This is a good venue to lay your suggestions and comments on the planned "reunion".   You are also free to post old photos and anecdotes for everyone to laugh at.  

Maybe we should also put a gallery of photos of then and now, what do you think guys?

You are free to invite members (1982 - 1986) to this site, even the faculties and administration during our study in CHS.

This site will also serve as a bulletin for everyone specially the ones living abroad to get in touch with the ones in the Philippines.  To set up a meet-up, may it be with regards to the reunion or just plainly want to catch up. 

You may notice that there is a countdown clock on the sidebar and it is counting down on May 5, 2012.  This is not final and can easily be changed as  soon as we decide the final date. There is also  a poll here where you can cast your vote on when you think is the best date for the reunion.  

 So guys, it would be nice to hear from you... let your voice be heard!